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Choosing the RIGHT Bible to read

You might think that this isn't an issue today. After all we have access to every translation imaginable right on our phones, so it doesn't matter which Bible I am using. This is not just a translation issue, there is so much more to a Bible than that.

Why are we reading the Bible?

Reading scripture is not just about information, it is about transformation.

Our time in the Bible is meant to be meditative and transformative. That means it isn't just about the words on the page, but the heart and purpose behind them.

To read the Bible this way I have found that having a physical in print Bible in front of me makes all the different. There is a different feel to reading on paper than just scrolling on a phone.

Meditating is aided when we take notes.

Which Bible will be best for you?

There are so many good options of Bibles, here are a few that i think you should consider. There are Study Bibles, Journaling Bibles, Large Print Bibles, Thin-line Bibles, Pocket Bibles... and the list goes on.

Remembering our purpose of reading is for meditation and transformation we will be focusing on two types of Bible; Study and Journaling Bibles.

Study Bible vs. Journaling Bible

If you are serious about reading your Bible then one or both of these are a MUST.

Study Bibles give information to aid in the understanding of a text. The background, date, location, author, plus several notes regarding the text itself. You could get lost for days in one passage using the study notes.

Journaling Bibles on the other hand have all the space you could imagine when taking notes. There is not the wealth of information found in a Study Bible, but what you lose in information you gain is not taking space.

If you are someone who is ready to up your Bible Study game with extensive notes and marking, then you need a Journaling Bible.

If you are looking for the easiest way to learn and grow from your time in the Word, then get a Study Bible.

Either way you can't go wrong.

Both of these choices are the right one because both will guide you to deeper study and meditation of the scriptures. I encourage you to decide which would be better for you and then jump right in.

Check our my video here where I give some on screen reviews of study Bibles and Journaling Bibles.

Blessings to you on your journey, you are not alone. Faithfulness is pursued together.

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